International Top 10: Aaron Nelson

From my school blog. This artist is great!

Foxy Studio

The work of Canadian artist Aaron Nelson is in my mind one of the most important social commentaries happening in ceramics today.  Rather than moaning that the smart phone pulls us out of our bodies, he notes the complex dexterity needed to operate a touch screen and finds that we may be growing closer to our bodies through technology.  As a way of considering this complex notion he pairs thrown vessels with iPod’s to create digital features on the pieces, or in another piece he runs electrical current through luster glazes to power a radio.  The work is engaging, inventive and incredibly relevant to the world we live in today.


Here is a brief video of work from his latest show

and a link to his website, which is one of the best artists sites I have seen.

One of the most engaging pieces of Nelson’s work is his…

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