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Brand Plates

photo 1

One of the exciting things about the new studio is our ability to take commission work.  These plates were commissioned by our good friend Gretchen Keller.  We’ve done work for her in the past, but this was the first major order for the new space.  She wanted 12 7″ salad plates decaled with a family brand.  The order was special in another way, She gave us 9 days do get the entire order done so it could be a Christmas gift for family in Wyoming.  I had the plates thrown in a day and trimmed the next, while I worked on the pots Gabe got the decal ready, this includes research, drawing and building the page for the printer.  The plates were out of the bisque in five days and were turned around for glazing the next.  The client was interested in earth tones so we chose related glazes that rely on manganese in different concentrations for colorant.  The turnaround on the decal firing was as quick as the rest of the work and we had the entire order finished in 8 days.  A world record! (maybe)


As an extra service we packed the pots for shipping.  Gabe is getting them ready for the first box.  The pots are always double boxed to ensure safe shipping.  Gretchen wanted us to throw the book in the box as well, she’s a pretty cool friend.

photo 3